Cloud iPaaS provides the tools and the platform to quickly start your integration project. Get up and running within an hour or less with our easy to setup connectors, pre-built templates of integrations and a rapid design, development and deployment for both Business Users as well as IT Users.

Register Online

Select the applications you want to integrate and register to get a pre-configured environment for popular Cloud Apps

Configure Adapters

Point to the end points you want to connect and test the connections

Pre-Built Templates

Select from many proven pre-built integration templates ( aka Cloud Streams)

Multiple Deployment Options

Our Cloud, Your Cloud or Hybrid (or even your Laptop). Run on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS or Windows.

Run and Schedule

Run the integration manually, built in Schedulers or API's

IT User - Easily Extend the Platform

Use Javascript to add new functions or add new connectors and adapters with ApiCode