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Improve operations across your departments and derive the best value out of your business data


Why you should automate with PocketAdvantage?

Enhance your PocketAdvantage ROI by simplifying your data operations and integrating applications. Our services ensure smooth data flow and connectivity, providing a centralized platform for informed decision-making and improved business performance


Seamless Invoice Generation

Automate invoice creation in the ERP system from sales activities logged in the CRM, improving billing efficiency.

invoice generation

Enhanced Financial Visibility

Provide sales teams with access to financial data within CRM for a comprehensive view of customer accounts, enabling better sales decisions.

Financial Visibility

Accurate Revenue Forecasting

Integrate CRM sales data with accounting/ERP for real-time revenue tracking and more accurate forecasting.

Revenue Forecasting


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DBSync connects to PocketAdvantage through connector called PocketAdvantage connector which has inbuilt API methods that opens a connection to the PocketAdvantage application for data retrieval.

Customer, Item, Vendor, Sales Reps, Invoice and Order.

DBSync has a standard Template built in for the clients of PocketAdvantage, if the scope of work involves other than standard data flow supported by the template than addition integration should be written.

DBSync connects to PocketAdvantage through API calls, either web method or API methods should be exposed for other applications to consume it. The API’s translate calls to FTP or other calls as required by PocketAdvantage specifications.

The valid account with PocketAdvantage. For most on-premise accounting applications there might be a need of on-premise DBSync instance. Please check with our support team for more details.

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