DBSync for Sage 100 & PocketAdvantage is an easy to use Integration Template to integrate Sage Customer, Item, Vendor, SalesRep, Invoice with PA Customer, Item, Sales Rep and Transactions respectively. In addition, orders of Pocket Advantage can be integrated to sales-order in Sage 100. This template is also useful in migrating historical Sage 100 data into PA, and vice versa. Furthermore, it provides Bi-directional sync with the pre-built field to field map capable of complex and dynamic mapping.


  • Seamless Integration
    Our Sage integration adapter offers seamless data integration with CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other databases, and keeps you updated about the business processes.
  • Effective Sales and Order Management
    For Wine Distribution, an order management system is required to capture orders in its sleek and easy to use mobile app and pushes it to its cloud. With DBSync we can now pull all the order from its cloud and push it to Sage and integrate inventory levels, customers and mode – thereby increasing Sales visibility across the system.
  • Sage on-premise Replication
    With the growth of Cloud BI, business can now get more visibility across systems without a huge BI investment. Now we can push Sage data to a Cloud BI infrastructure to get better reporting and analysis, across one or more apps.
  • Streamlining Payroll Process
    Integrate time and expense with HR apps to your accounting system in order to streamline payroll and others financial processes. It is essential for all businesses since it is a arduous process which should be done on the same cycle as payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DBSync need to be installed on the same machine as that of Sage 100?

DBSync Sage 100 connector can be either configured on the same instance where Sage 100 is installed, or on a remote machine that can access Sage 100 database.

What are the limitations of DBSync integration with Sage 100?

There is no real-time integration of data directly from Sage 100 to target systems/ application due to the rule imposed by Sage 100 itself. Whenever there is an import or export of data from Sage 100, then it should happen through a visual integrator, because Sage 100 do not expose Apis / web-service for consumption by other applications.

How does DBSync connect to Sage 100?

DBSync connects to Sage 100 through Visual Integrator provided by Sage 100 to read data from and write data out of the Sage 100.

Can I get a free trial version?

Intacct is available for 14-day free trial after completing the registration process.