DBSync Database Connector can be used with the FTP Connector for Migrating financial reports generated by SSRS to any storage location that can be accessed through FTP. The reporting output can be obtained using the Database connector and File connector, and these files can be easily moved over the cloud or central storage using the FTP connector.

Use case

A large chunk of financial organizations require EOD Schedule based reports on financial transactions, EOD Stock Prices, Daily Sales Log etc. and face certain hurdles in storing those at centralized locations to be accessed by all Stakeholders. DBSync FTP connector provides an easy way to read-write any kind of files from certain location, and send them over FTP to the central storage.


  • All File Formats are Supported by DBSync FTP Connector.
  • Supports both PASSIVE and PORT mode of Authentication, and therefore it can be used for legacy systems as well.
  • Using fixed size batches allow a Seamless File transfer.
  • Automated Scheduling is also supported.

Other Integrations

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP and FTP Connector
    Custom Reports from GP can be made available centrally.
  • JIRA Service Desk and FTP Connector
    EOD Closure Reports from JIRA can be made available centrally.
  • Database and FTP Connector
    In Collaboration with File-Connector, FTP Connector can be used to withdraw any defined Data from databases into Excel|CSV formats and those files can be made centralized for all users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FTP connector support bidirectional data flow?

Yes, and you also have the control to make it uni-directional if you chose.

How frequently one can sync the data if reading from or writing to any FTP server?

The sync can be performed every five-minute interval of time.

Are the connectors available with both on-demand and on-premise versions?

Yes, the FTP and DB connectors can be used both on-demand and on-premise versions of DBSync Cloud Workflow

Can both source and target be used as Database connector?

Yes, if the integration requirement demands, one can use the database connector to talk to different databases or to the same database with different user instances.

Can I get a free trial version of DBSync?

DBSync is available for 14-day free trial after completing the registration process.