If you value cross-team work and having transparency on communication, then JIRA Core and Salesforce solution is right for you. It is an easy to use solution to integrate JIRA Core Issues with Salesforce and more. It helps seamlessly streamline your data, automate business processes and ensure data accuracy between JIRA applications and Salesforce, to eliminate redundancy of data entry and improve operational efficiency. DBSync fully supports creation of custom mappings according to your business model and processes, allowing you to completely control the flow of data between source and target applications. In other words, this solution has an ability to facilitate the data flow from Salesforce to any of JIRA applications (JIRA Service Desk, JIRA Core, JIRA Software) or also from JIRA applications to Salesforce.


  • Enhanced collaboration
    Integrate your Salesforce or ERP application with JIRA Core to enhance the collaboration between various departments, such as HR, Operations, Marketing, Legal, and Finance, in order to manage projects and measure performance.
  • Product visibility
    The ability to integrate with JIRA Software and Service Desk will give your existing customers visibility of your products road map. In this manner, they will be aware of on going issues, new feature releases, and more.
  • Improved customer service
    Integrating Salesforce Customers with JIRA Core to provide your service agents with all customer related information at their finger tips. Without toggling between JIRA Core and Salesforce, now they will be able to provide best in class customer service.
  • Unified view
    You have the platform where your whole business process is automated, including the integrated case management system, automated knowledge base creation, and the improved customer success ecosystem.


  • Search Issues, Projects and more
    Leverage JQL (JIRA Query Language) to read and export data from JIRA into any supported DBSync connectors
  • Projects
    Query, Create or Modify
  • Issues
    Query, Create or Modify
  • Users
    Query, Create or Modify
  • Organization
    Query, Create or Modify

Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of Salesforce does this solution support?

  • Salesforce Unlimited Edition
  • Salesforce Professional Edition
  • Salesforce Enterprise Edition
  • Salesforce Nonprofit Edition

Which version of JIRA Core does this solution support?

JIRA Software 7.3.1 and above.

How frequent can we perform Integration?

Often it depends on whether you are using on-premise or cloud version. As a rule of thumb we recommend 15 min intervals.

Can this connector be used for bi-directional integration?

No, as of now this solution is unidirectional facilitating the data flow from JIRA Core to Salesforce. However, based on the integration requirements, we can customize the solution to facilitate the data flow in both the ways.

Is JIRA Core connector available with both on-demand and on-premise Version?

The solution is available with both on-demand and on-premise version of DBSync.

Can I apply transformations on custom mappings in DBSync?

Absolutely! DBSync is a completely flexible solution, and it fully supports custom mappings.

Can I get a trial of DBSync JIRA Core connector?

DBSync is available for 14-day free trial after completing the registration process.