DBSync File Connector can read CSV file format data and format it in such a way that it can be easily accepted by all tabular databases. In addition, by using the database connector, the formatted data can be moved to the respective databases for global access.

Use case

There are certain regions where the Healthcare sector still uses File Based systems to maintain Patients data. DBSync can be a helpful middleware to make this data available over cloud using our standard File-Connector. This file data can be easily read and manipulated in an organized way for sending it over cloud Databases.


  • CSV/XLS/X/xs formats are easily supported by DBSync File connector.
  • Formulation can be performed on the file data before writing to File or Database.
  • Fixed size batches allow a seamless integrations.

Other Integrations

  • Database and File connector
    Reading from Files and writing to Databases or Vice-Versa.
  • File connector and FTP Integrations
    In collaboration with FTP connector, File connector can be used to withdraw any defined data from databases into Excel/CSV formats, and those files can be made centralized for all users using the FTP connector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does File connector support bidirectional data flow?

Yes, and you also have the control to make it uni-directional if you chose.

How frequently one can sync the data if reading from or writing to any FTP server?

The sync can be performed every 5 minutes.

Is this connector available with both on-demand and on-premise versions?

Yes, the File connector can be used both on-demand and on-premise versions of DBSync Cloud Workflow

Can I get a free trial version of DBSync?

DBSync is available for 14-day free trial after completing the registration process.