DBSync’s SkuVault and Salesforce integration solution helps you integrate two powerful applications: SkuVault, a leading WMS and Salesforce the CRM platform par excellence. This DBSync solution allows you to connect Salesforce Products and Orders with SkuVault Products and Sale Orders respectively.


  • Synchronized Salesforce Products and Orders with SkuVault Products and Sale Orders information
    Create links between Salesforce Product and Skuvault Product, Salesforce Account and SkuVault Contact Info, and Salesforce Order and SkuVault Sales Order in an automated manner.
  • Configurable pre-built templates to fit your business requirement the way you want it
    DBSync provides a simple interface, where you can define, build and deploy as many integration data flows as you need. Once you have defined your data flows, you can create and run them according to different schedules, based on your business requirements. Thus, freeing your time for more essential tasks.
  • Reduce double data entry
    Automate your data integration and eliminate the possibility of multiple data entry and human errors. Thus, increase productivity among your employees.


  • Highly Customizable
    DBSync solution includes a Process Builder, which ensures that you can have all the unique customization necessary for your specific business.
  • Built-in Template
    The solution comes with a standard template that can be used to facilitate the integration of various objects between SkuVault application and Salesforce.
  • Support for API methods
    The SkuVault connector has been built based on an API management architecture. Thus, it supports a wide range of available API methods, such as Read Order, Update customers, Update Items, Update Transact, Get Queue and Update Order Status.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DBSync connect to SkuVault?

DBSync connects to SkuVault through API calls. Both, web or API methods need to be exposed for other applications to consume them. The API translates calls as required by SkuVault specifications.

What does the standard integration template cover?

DBSync's standard template for SkuVault and Salesforce integration provides a ready to use prototype to synchronize Salesforce Product to Skuvault Product, Salesforce Account to SkuVault Contact Info, Salesforce Order to SkuVault Sales Order, and SkuVault Inventory and Inventory Updates to SF Inventory.

When do we need additional Integration definition?

DBSync has a standard template built in. If the scope of work involves other than the standard data flow supported by the template, then additional integration work needs to be done.

What are the required prerequisites for the integration?

Valid accounts with Salesforce and SkuVault. That's it.

Can I get a free trial version of DBSync?

Definately! DBSync is available for 14-day free trial after completing the registration process.