DBSync’s ShipStation and NetSuite Integration provides a simple and easy solution to synchronize ShipStation order management and fulfillment data with NetSuite, optimizing your order-to-cash process.


  • Now your invoices and payments can keep up with the pace and scale of your orders.
  • Your inventory management on NetSuite is automatically managed based on orders,ensuring great customer experience for your online customers.
  • No risk of errors that come with manual entry of order data into your NetSuite.
  • Reduce time and effort spent on reconciliation of orders in NetSuite.


  • Generate invoices for your orders automatically
  • Trigger payments for your orders
  • Update product information in NetSuite
  • Synchronize Customer data with NetSuite users table
  • Automatically update your NetSuite Inventory as orders are fulfilled
  • Synchronize sales tax information with NetSuite for fulfilled orders
  • Update invoices with shipping information

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get started with the ShipStation - NetSuite integration?

Our pre-built integration for Shipstation and NetSuite can be ready to run in an hour.

Is DBSync’s ShipStation integration bi-directional?

Yes, you can synchronize data from ShipStation to NetSuite and vice-versa.

What does the standard integration template cover?

DBSync's standard template for ShipStation & NetSuite integration provides an easy-to-use application to synchronize Customer, Product and Order data into NetSuite.If the scope of the integration involves other than standard data flow supported by the template, then customization can be done.

Can DBSync map ShipStation custom fields to NetSuite?

Yes, we support integration of ShipStation’s custom data fields.

Are the data synchronizations fully automated?

Yes, our scheduler lets you automate the synchronization of data between ShipStation and NetSuite, and you can schedule it as frequently as 5 minutes.

What versions of NetSuite does this integration support?

This integration supports NetSuite 2015.1 version and later.

Can I get a free trial version of DBSync?

Definitely. DBSync is available for a 14-day trial after completing the registration process.