Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online & Intacct Unidirectional process or profile helps you to integrate data between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Intacct. It helps you streamline your data, automate your business processes, and also ensure data accuracy between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Intacct. To use this profile, DBSync solution package should be installed in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Instance. The mappings considered in this integration are as follows:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accounts to Intacct Customer
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Products to Intacct Items (Inventory, NonInventory)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Invoice to Intacct SalesInvoice
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Order to Intacct Sales Order

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DBSync connect to Intacct?

DBSync connects to Intacct platform through connector called Intacct, connector which has inbuilt API methods that open a connection to Intact application, for reading and writing data in and out of the platform.

Does DBSync need to be installed on the same machine as that of Intacct?

The answer is no, as both platforms, DBSync and Intacct, are available through the cloud. But if required DBSync is available as on-premise version as well.

How does Intacct connector handle errors?

The DBSync Intacct connector handles processing of errors in different ways depending on the error type, and can be tracked via log section of the DBSync platform. If there is a connection error, authentication error, or schema validation error then a process level error is triggered.

What versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM does this profile support?

This profile supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011 version and later.

Does this profile support bi-directional sync?

No. This pre-built solution supports uni-directional sync but bi-directional option can be created as per to your business requirement.

Is this profile available with On-Demand or On-Premise version of DBSync?

This profile is available with On-Demand version of DBSync.

What transaction types can we generate in Intacct from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

AR and AP transactions can be generated in Intacct from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Invoices and Sales Order are part of a standard integration template.

Can I create custom mappings in DBSync?

Yes. DBSync is a complete flexible solution and it fully supports custom mappings.

Can I get a free trial version of DBSync?

Definately! DBSync is available for 14-day free trial after completing the registration process.