Shopify Integration with Netsuite- Streamline your E-commerce Business

E-commerce and online businesses today process massive amounts of orders, and with such scale, the business applications that enable businesses and enterprises to support these transactions need to be equally reliable. Ensuring seamless integration between e-commerce platforms like Shopify and your ERP systems like NetSuite is crucial for maintaining this reliability. If online or e-commerce […]

Data Integration: A Roadmap To Success

Introduction Data integration combines data into one unified view for more practical use by the business. The process starts with data ingestion, cleansing, mapping, and transformation, and moving into storage with the goal of complete integration across all apps, systems, and locations to boost data quality and reliability. Extract, transform, and load (ETL), in particular, […]

SaaS Metrics for Financial, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

Introduction:  Software As A Service, or SaaS, is the go-to solution for organizations and businesses looking for flexibility, affordability, diversity, and accessibility of software solutions to scale their businesses. The SaaS industry is forecasted to grow to $1.24 trillion by 2027 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18% annually. SaaS businesses are usually […]

Application or Data Integration: What sets them apart?

In today’s Information & technology industry, Application integration and data integration are two essential elements; these are often used interchangeably. Though both of these are generally cloud based technologies, but have huge differences between the two. On one side, Application integration helps connect different software applications so that they can share data and information, on […]

Driving Order to Cash Success with Automation

Order to Cash [O2C] Definition As you might know, ‘Order to Cash’ (OTC) is a common and important Financial as well as  Sales&Distribution integration scenario; In this blog post, I will walk through the simple ‘Order to Cash’ steps. The generic term thus encompasses many different sub-processes. These include the receipt of the customer order, […]

Automation in Sales Process

Sales Process Sale is a complicated profession with many competing tasks that distract from revenue-generating activities. A new study of more than 720 reps shows that today’s salespeople are spending the majority of their time on activities other than sales. Nearly two-thirds (64.8%) of reps’ time, on average, is spent in non-revenue-generating activities, leaving only 35.2% for […]

Automation in HR Process

Human Resource [HR] system Human Resources (HR) is a critical strategic function in a modern-day enterprise that regularly evolves and adapts to the ever-changing corporate world. With evolution comes new HR processes that can be long, tedious, and time-consuming in the initial stages of framing them. In their current form, all HR processes can be […]

Automation in Accounting Process

Manual Accounting process and its challenges Even today, in many firms the accounting process is manual, which involves repetitive tasks like Manual data entry into a computer, Manually reconciling bank statements, Paying suppliers one by one, Producing financial reports in a spreadsheet, and chasing after documents from your client. Different studies show that as much […]

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