DBSync's File connector implements a file transport channel so that file on the local file system which is configured can be read from and written to. This connector can be configured to filter the files it reads from. The filter can also be applied when writing to a file so that the output can be appended to the file basing on the conditions provided through mappings.


Supported file types through File connector are:

  • CSV format
  • XLS format
  • XLSX format

Frequently Asked Questions

Does File connector support bidirectional data flow?

Yes, and you also have the control to make it uni-directional if you chose.

How frequently one can sync the data if reading from or writing to any of the supported file types?

The sync can be performed every 5 minutes.

Can I get a free trial version of DBSync?

DBSync is available for 14-day free trial after completing the registration process.

Is this connector available with both on-demand and on-premise versions?

Yes, the File connector can be used both on-demand and on-premise versions of DBSync Cloud Workflow

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