Dreamforce Best Practices for you to get the most out of the event

Best Practices

We, at DBSync, have done a survey on best practices for Dreamforce. Check out the suggestions we received below!

This wouldn’t be possible without Dreamforce veterans who contributed their experience. We’re grateful to everyone who collaborated in this survey to help you to get the most out of the event.

Special thanks to the following Salesforce and Dreamforce experts for sharing their insights: Terry MillerMichelle HansenJim MaherLeandro CarvalhoKay RedlichRick NaniaMike LippmanRadhika BansalLynda KaneLinda JohnsonMarc D. Behr and Leigh Christie.


Best Practices for Dreamforce

DBSync conducted a survey on best practices for Dreamforce 2019. The results showed a wide set of preferences. Below is a summary of all the point we received:

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

With that many Trailblazers under one roof,  Dreamforce is a huge event, where you are going to spend long hours. Comfortable clothes and shoes are thus a must. About 96% of the participants in the survey mentioned it.

Plan your Sessions

With so many interesting sessions to choose, it is difficult to select the preferred ones. That is why you need to prepare a list with your favorite ones in advance. Many tips were suggested for the planning of sessions:

    • Try to select Breakout sessions in the Same location. If you pick sessions all over the Salesforce campus you’ll be spending too much time trying to walk between buildings and will end up missing many of the sessions on your agenda.


    • Have a list of top 3 things (or topics) you’d like to tackle or find out more about


    • Enter the session 5-10 min earlier.


  • Don’t miss Feature release Keynotes.


Expand your network: Meet People and focus on the relationships

At Dreamforce 2019 you will have the opportunity to meet lots of people. Not only the sessions, but also lodges zones, stations, and Expo offer a great opportunity for one-on-one discussions, asking and answering questions learning new stuff, and expanding your network.


Don’t Jam your Day with Sessions

Dreamforce is meant to enjoy it while learning and meeting others. However, don’t overdo it. As for the sessions, don’t stress about it. Most are recorded to be viewed later. Consider having a relaxing time, and take the necessary breaks. Remember, lunchtime offers a great opportunity not only to relax but also to meet others and have informal chats.


Bring extra Batteries and Chargers

At Dreamforce you are going to have long working hours, and if you run out of power, your time there can become a nightmare. So, don’t forget to take precautions and prepare yourself with a set of extra batteries and chargers. In this manner, you will be able to get the best out of the event.


Bring water and snacks with you

It’s going to be hot out there, with long hours of hard work. Take care of yourself, and bring water and some snacks to enjoy. Don’t become dehydrated, as it can result in serious consequences.


Bring something to take notes

Dreamforce sessions are going to give you interesting ideas and innovative points worth of taking notes. So don’t forget your laptop, notebook or whatever you prefer to use to write them down.


At the end of each day summarize what you have learned

You are investing your most important resource in Dreamforce: your time. So, optimize your results by summarizing every day what you have learned, the ideas that inspired you, and the questions that intrigued your mind.


Public transport is available

Dreamforce is held in beautiful San Francisco. But SF is big, and moving around can be challenging. So, consider learning about its public transport. It is affordable and good. Try to know the main routes in advance. Also don’t forget, Dreamforce can be a great opportunity to exercise by walking.


Visit the Cloud Expo

Interact with different companies at the booths while at Dremforce, put some time aside to visit the expo floor. You will get a chance to interact with different companies and get to know what’s new they have been working on.


Bring something to carry the goodies in

An event such as Dreamforce means that you will get many free goodies, from t-shirts to cellphone covers, books and interesting brochures that you want to keep. So don’t forget to bring a bag or a briefcase or a backpack to carry them in. Remember that you can also mail them from Dreamforce at the lower media mail rate.


Enjoy Dreamforce

After a long day full of sessions and meetings, unwind yourself, and visit Dreamfest. Every year there is a different but equally amazing program with the biggest world-famous bands and artists.


Ramping up

Prepare for all the walking you’ll do at Dreamforce by ramping up your daily step count before you go – walk around your block, hit a trail or even walk at the mall.


Special Needs

If you got special needs, remember that there is a friendly team of volunteers out there to help you. Also, special transport is available.


Percent of survey participants who contributed to each of the points mentioned



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