Automating the process of Creating Purchase Order from Sales Order

You create purchase order from your sales order. You do it every time if you are in certain in industry. But why doesn’t accounting systems let you automate it? We saw this behavior in many accounting application from – QuickBooks to Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics GP (aka GreatPlains).

purchase order

We ran into this requirement with quite a few times and ended up using our DBSync application to build out these automated processes.

Here are some of the use cases:

1. CRM application creates an opportunity
2. Opportunity flows into accounting as a Sales Order
3. Invoices can be created from these Sales Orders
4. Purchase Orders can be created using the Sales Order

To create Purchase Orders, you will need to make sure that all items have associated item vendors in it and in certain accounting applications, it should also need to be “Purchased” and not in stock.

In most of accounting system, you will have to read Sales Orders (SO) and translate to Purchase Orders (PO). Fortunately Microsoft Dynamics GP (GreatPlains) makes it easy for it when using with eConnect API. Microsoft Dynamics provides a SOP Transaction for creating PO from Sales Order (nice !!!). There seems to be a misconception in GP community that taSopToPopLink only links the two documents which is not true. It actually does create the PO for you.

The following eConnect XML request creates PO from a Sales Order (SOPNUMBE)


<eConnect xmlns:dt=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:datatypes”>


Once you run it, you get back true or false (with error). Error is quite self descriptive for you to trouble shoot it.

You can find the records in POP10100 (header) and POP10110 (line item).

Hope to post the video of it working in due course. Hope this article helps.

Enjoy integrating…

Here’s DBSync’s demo of & Microsoft Dynamics GP (Greatplains) integration:

Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics GP

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