Built on top of Cloud Replication for Salesforce, Copy Data Management (CDM) provides its users an easy capability to Copy Salesforce instance to one or more Salesforce instances. This feature enables Salesforce Admins, Developers and Data Migrators to manage better their Development or Data Migration projects. So now with a few clicks you can Export / Import Account, Contact, Opportunity, Opportunity Line Items, Tasks or any standard and custom objects- with all ownerships, Users !!

  • All functionality of Cloud Replication for Salesforce
  • Salesforce to Salesforce Copy
  • Create Salesforce Snapshots for Test and Development
  • Decrease time for data migration by 50% with offline data prep and quick Exports to other Salesforce instances
  • Be up and running in minutes rather than days
  • Windows, Linux or Solaris



  • Salesforce Snapshots for Test and Development
    Create snapshots to get production data sets for development and testing.
  • Build Backups
    Create Snapshots for your full Salesforce instance that can be restored on its parent Org or any new Org.
  • Speed up Data Migration by over 50%
    If you have migrated data using Excel, then you can appreciate the "Automatic" object relationship import capability of CDM. You no longer need to use VLOOKUP to link associations, just use CDM. Data Migration happens with a few clicks - No Mapping required.
  • Preview Data Migrations
    Preview Data Migration with few clicks, saving substantial risks of last day data migration. Preview it on full Sandbox or other Salesforce Instances
  • Restore or Export Records with its Children's Children...
    Restore data with its built in Query builder, select one or all with its Children's Children with a few click. CDM understand all the relationships and automatically links all related objects. No more spending time on matching newly created objects.


Download, Install and Run with our Free Trial (supports up to 3 Salesforce Objects). Get up and running within 30 min.

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On your Server or Desktop

  • Windows

  • Linux

Developer Edition

The Developer Edition for Cloud Replication and CDM is the best way to test the tool before investing in it. Create a free account and start exploring it today!

Customer Quote

We've been using this product for a while now to produce nightly updates to our Oracle data warehouse, and it works flawlessly. If you want to be able to easily integrate your Salesforce data with your existing corporate reporting platform, this is the way to go.

Barry ShermerVP IT- Windsor Healthcare