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Unable to complete first step in connecting to SalesForce Acc
Hello, I have been trying to get dbsync to connect to my salesforce account for a while now. At first it was telling me the username and password didnt match. I reset those now I am getting a java exception error connection refused. I tried again this morning and its telling me my username or password is incorrect again..... When using mydbsync.com I can connect. Basically I think the issue is either the endpoint on salesforce isnt listening or the soap endpoint isnt correct. Ive tried a few different endpoints Ive seen online but none seem to work.
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There are 2 ways to connect the Salesforce in DBSync account.

1.Using Connect to Salesforce button. [or]

2. Other way, using " Advance properties Tab" under Salesforce Connectors page.

Provide the Security Token which is generated by SF along with the Salesforce credentials ( username & password) then save the entire properties, later try to validate the Salesforce connection under DBSync account.

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