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QuickBooks create/update fails with big queries
Account email: tech@carlotz.com Project: MSCRMQuickBooksBiDirectionalProduction Process: SYNC_Bills_to_QB_Bill Workflow: CRMBill_to_QBBill When I try to create multiple QB Bills/Invoices with a large amount of lines from a Dynamics 365 record, the DBSync process fails. This only occurs if I am sending a single record with 80+ lines or 15-20 records with 8 lines each. An example is a D365 record with 113 lines which I am trying to create a QBs Bill for. This record fails when DBSync tries to send over this record as a AB Bill, but I've sent over records with larger amounts in the past. The DBSync log does not show any error messages. What is the size limit for sending records from D365 to QuickBooks Online? What can I do to send over large queries, is this something I can modify in my instance of DBSync? Thank you
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1-For Invoice/Bills having multiple line items then the loopover should be

CRM to QB Sync process - Target(QB Destop and QB Online)
(Target Table- Invoice) list/invoicedetail

QB to CRM Sync process - Target(Quickbooks desktop) Target(QB Online)
(Target Table- Invoice detail) Invoice Ret/InvoiceLineRet Line/SalesItemLineDetail

2-Max Batch size that can be kept is 200 in reader and in writer it is advisable to keep as 10. So,in this way the reader will make a batch of 200 invoices and writer will sync in batches of 10 till all 200 invoices/bills are synced.

3-Error which you were receiving due to which invoices were not syncing-</Message><Detail>The account period has closed and the account books cannot be updated through through the QBO Services API. Please use the QBO website to make these changes.</Detail></Error></Fault></BatchItemResponse></IntuitResponse>]]>

Please make sure you are adding invoice date for this year when running the sync process for that record.This will resolve this issue

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* QB to CRM Sync process - (Target Table- Invoice detail)

Target(Quickbooks desktop)
Invoice Ret/InvoiceLineRet

Target(QB Online)

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