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How to Map a Salesforce Field to a Custom Quickbooks Online Field
I am using the Opportunity to Invoice functionality in Dbsync, and want to pass the value from a custom field (purchase order) into one of the three custom fields available on the Quickbooks form template, which I have nominated to hold the purchase order number. I have edited workflow rule and mapping to include the custom field in my SQL query, so it is now available on the schema to be mapped, but I am unable to find my custom fields on the Mapping Screen in Dbsync. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Many thanks
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Let us take an example of custom field SalesRep__c  on Opportunity in SalesForce.

We have to map this field to SalesRep custom field on QuickBooks online

To map this field, type custom field name(SalesRep) in the target area(QuickBook Online) and add below given query in the source field.



return "";


Where <DefinitionId>2</DefinitionId>  :Position of custom field in QuickBook online.

              <Name>SalesRep</Name>: The custom field name in QuickBook online.

               <StringValue>"+VALUE("SalesRep__c")+"</StringValue>: The custom field in SalesForce.

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Thanks for this, and many apologies for the time it has taken me to come back to you. It's now time to look at this in more detail.
I understand also that to achieve this, I also need to upgrade DBsync to your enterprise version, which I have now done.

So, that's for the example. FOrgive me, but I am not a programmer and need a little more help.
Where exactly do I need to put the information?
Presumably, I need to do the following:
1. Edit the Opportunity to Invoice Process, and first update the Trigger to select the Salesforce custom fields that I wish to include on the invoice?
2. And then, add the XML somewhere.

I kind of understand the XML you've provided as your explanation is very clear.
I'm just not clear where I need to add this XML. Would you be kind enough to clarify please?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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