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Default template in DBsync
What can Default Template of DBSync do in Salesforce and QuickBooks Integration ?
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DBSync for Salesforce and QuickBooks is the easiest and quickest way to integrate your Salesforce data with QuickBooks. DBSync has a set of pre-built integration processes that does the following:

> Customer/Account BiDirectional Sync.
> Syncs newly won Opportunities from Salesforce to your choice of Invoice, Sales Order, Estimate or Sales Receipt in QuickBooks. Trigger field (generate in Salesforce Opportunity) should be set as Either Invoice, Estimate, SalesOrder or Sales Receipt accordingly, and also opportunity line item is required.
> Item (QB)/Product(SF) BiDirectional Sync.
> Updates Inventory Item quantities in Salesforce (one-way, QuickBooks Desktop)
> Syncs Invoices,Estimates,SalesOrders and SalesReceipts created in QuickBooks to Salesforce

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