QuickBooks Sales & Inventory forecasting made easy…

Sales and Inventory forecasting is a limitation for QuickBooks … Lokad to the rescue…

DBSync has partnered with Lokad to provide an amazing sales forecasting solution. In about 20 minutes, you can extract years of sales data from your QuickBooks directly into Lokad’s Salescast applicaiton and get your forecast.

  • Manage inventory by understanding your safety stock levels and trends
  • Identify trends in sales, inventory and more
  • Reduce cost by reducing capital stuck up in your inventory

Our solution now can un-lock valuable QuickBooks data and provide actionable business intelligence.

Here’s our demo of Salesforce & QuickBooks integration:

Salesforce & QuickBooks integration

To learn more, check out our Lokad and QuickBooks integration offerings. Call us to see all the amazing things we can get out of your accounting data.

Read more at Lokad Blog to see how to setup and get started.

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