QuickBooks Integration Platform

Salesforce Databases Synchronizer

dbsync for QuickBooks provides an easy to way to perform integration, data extraction or data loading into QuickBooks desktop.




  • Integrates easily with QuickBooks WebConnector
  • Supports integration with Multiple QuickBooks Files
  • Support for reading and writing data extension
  • Seemless integration with popular databases and CRM applications
  • Quick data migration templates avaliable for CRM application
  • Easily extendable to adapt to your needs
  • Run the integration application in either in on-demand or on-premise model
  • Want to embed our solution, easily embed the integration engine within your application


Salesforce & QuickBooks single license starts from $795/year, full featured at $1495/year

Additional QuickBooks adapters for Multi-entity firms or Accounting firms starts from $495/year or call for volume pricing.


Connects to:

  • Salesforce
  • Databases like Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, mySQL, PostGress SQL



QuickBooks on-premise 2007 onwards, Pro, Premier, Enterprise for US, Canada and UK.


Business Solutions

Salesforce to QuickBooks: Account, Contact, Opportunity to QuickBooks Customer, Job, Estimate or SalesOrder or Invoice
QuickBooks to Salesforce: Customer, Invoice from QuickBooks to Account, Contact and Opportunity in salesforce
QuickBooks to Salesforce: Migrate all your QuickBooks Data - Customer, Invoice to Salesforce Account, Contact and Opportuntity
QuickBooks to Salesforce: Move Payments in QuickBooks to Payments (custom object) in Salesforce for more accounting visibiity