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HTML Issue when Syncing to QB
Hey DB Sync Team, Was wondering if you had a solution for the following: All our quotes that you sync from Salesforce CPQ to QB are pulling in HTML tags. This is most likely cause because the field you are syncing from is a rich text field in CPQ. Do you have any ideas on we can fix this? Thanks, Bradley
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Hi Bradley,

Good Morning! I hope you are doing well.

I double checked the Rich Text field mapping with our team and got to know that there is no way to avoid the HTML format in DBSync mappings.

Since Salesforce itself gives the response in HTML format, the same would be synced to QuickBooks.

Alternative to that in case if the Rich Text field is copied to another Text Area field, then it can be mapped and synced without the HTML tags.

Please make sure that there are not HTML tags while copying the data.

Let me know if there is anything to be addressed.


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