DBSync’s NetSuite Connector provides a turnkey solution which ensures an error-free, accurate and automated integration to extract or load your data from our third party adapter directly into NetSuite while allowing firms to unite fragmented data. Our solution can connect directly with CRMs like Salesforce as well as Databases and more to streamline your essential business operations.


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Why NetSuite Integrations?

NetSuite is home to some of your organization’s most important data. From core functions like finance and accounting, inventory, and ordering to marketing automation and payroll, NetSuite can help your business operate efficiently while improving its bottom line.

With NetSuite Connector, you can make the most from this data by allowing for data-mapping between NetSuite and your other essential systems. Whether that’s your eCommerce storefront or point of sale system, it can easily automate the transfer of data between these previously siloed systems.

NetSuite integrations eliminate the need for manual data entry to make your operations more efficient and reduce costly human errors and delays. Keep your business’s vital information centralized and available to those who need it.

Benefits of NetSuite Integrations

Every business can benefit from different NetSuite integrations. Here is a handful of the benefits of utilizing NetSuite Connector:

Automate Processes: Tedious processes like order processing and fulfillment can go off without a hitch and manual tasks like filling spreadsheets can be completely eliminated. Give your team time back to focus on actions that improve your bottom line.

Enhanced Organization: With all the important data in one place, it’s easier than ever to track items and orders. Centralized data and increased visibility go hand in hand.

Connect Disparate Systems: Work smarter, not harder, when your NetSuite and other commerce channels can effortlessly transfer data. This also makes it easier to communicate between your partners, vendors, and more.

Better Decision Making: With your essential systems connected, you can use your data more strategically. Gain a more holistic understanding of business health and make data-driven decisions in real time.

With NetSuite integrations, you can understand how your business is functioning from end to end and make changes to improve efficiency.

Features of NetSuite Connector

  • Full Integration Solution

    Our DBSync adapter for NetSuite supports integration with a wide range of data structures including Databases, Salesforce and CRM adapters.

  • Both On-Demand and On-Premise

    Our NetSuite Adapter has the flexibility to connect with any combination of both On-Demand and On-Premise applications without any specific software or appliances.

  • Database Integration

    Supported database integrations are JDBC and ODBC compliant databases like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, mySQL, PostgreSQL and more.

  • Highly Customizable

    By including Process Builder with our NetSuite Adapter, we ensure you have all the unique custom integrations you need for your business goals.

  • Bi-Directional Sync

    Our NetSuite Adapter supports bi-directional synchronization between NetSuite, other CRMs, Salesforce and databases.

NetSuite Integrations

  • Suitable for:Salesforce
    DBSync for Salesforce and NetSuite integration template is an easy to use integration solution to integrate Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Products, and Opportunity with NetSuite Customers, Contacts, Items, Invoices, and vice-versa
  • Suitable for:Netsuite
    DBSync’s ShipStation and NetSuite Integration provides a simple and easy solution to synchronize ShipStation order management and fulfillment data with NetSuite, optimizing your order-to-cash process.


This profile supports NetSuite 2015.1 version and later.

Following versions of Salesforce are supported by DBSync are Salesforce Unlimited Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition.

DBSync is available for 30 day free trial after completing the registration process.

Yes. This profile supports Bi-Directional Sync and you can also have the control to configure unidirectional sync or as per your business needs.

This profile is available with On-Demand version of DBSync.

Sync can be performed every 5 minutes.

We can generate following transactions in NetSuite from Salesforce such as: Invoices and Sales Order.

Yes. DBSync is a complete flexible solution and it fully supports custom mappings.

According to Oracle, The Full NetSuite CSV Export option does not currently export all data as CSV files. However, exporting selected data as a CSV file is fairly straightforward.

The types of NetSuite integrations you need ultimately depend on your business goals. For instance, a NetSuite/Shopify integration can be beneficial for managing your eCommerce shop. This integration can help automate product listings to reflect inventory, track shipments, and more.

On the other hand, a HubSpot/NetSuite connector can help your sales reps create orders from one centralized place. A HubSpot and NetSuite integration can help make your marketing and sales more efficient.

There are many NetSuite integrations to choose from, including with SalesForce and ShipStation. Understanding your business goals is the first step in identifying the best NetSuite integration for your needs.

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What Features Do You Get?




Number of Apps 2 More than 2
Customizable Mapping
Usage Limit (Records per Month) 5,000 50,000
Number of User Unlimited Unlimited
Data Flow Bi-directional Bi-directional
Customer Support Chat, Email Chat, Email, Phone
Premium Support $** $**

What Features Do You Get?


Number of Apps

More than 2

Customizable Mapping
Usage Limit (Records per Month) Unlimited
Number of User Unlimited
Data Flow Bi-directional
Customer Support Chat, Email, Phone
Premium Support $**

* Discounts available for Multi-Year Subscription. **Additional Cost Applicable.


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