DBSync's PocketAdvantage connector allows you to integrate your data between PocketAdvantage application and a back-office accounting application like QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage and more. PocketAdvantage application is suitably designed for Field Sales Reps who sell wine, beer, spirits, beverage or similar products at restaurants and other locations. By integrating it with their accounting software it will provide them with not only visibility to their existing customers, inventory levels but also effectively automate order management from the hand-held devices and streamline systems for data accuracy and manual reconciliations.


  • Synchronized Customer and Inventory
    Our PocketAdvantage connector supports integration with a wide range of business objects including Customer, Items, Inventory levels, Invoices and sales orders thereby reducing the data entry and improving the productivity of the office staff.
  • Configurable pre-built templates to fit your business requirement the way you want it
    With its simple and elegant user-interface, one can define, build and deploy the integration flows as per their business requirements within the DBSync platform.
  • Reduce double data entry
    This simplified Integration flow eliminates the possibility of multiple data entry and functional errors.
  • Reduced Account Receivables
    By automating payments, workflows and alerts, the account receivable cycles will be reduced which saves time and collect quicker.


  • Pre-Built connector supporting PocketAdvantage API’s
    DBSync PocketAdvantage Connector and template comes with the support for PocketAdvantage FTP, Database and API support. In-built scheduling and queueing of data flow makes sure that critical business objects like Customer, Items, Invoices and Orders are not duplicated and integrity maintained.
  • Direct Connectivity
    The application connects directly to the PocketAdvantage application instance and enable the user to query, add, modify and delete various types of records including customers, Items, Orders, Sales order, Invoice, Credit Memo and many more.
  • Built-in Template
    We provide a standard template to facilitate the integration of various objects between PocketAdvantage application and supported accounting systems. Also supported are ability to customize and extend the templates using something as simple as mapping and data flow or advanced like ApiCode.
  • Support for API methods
    It has been built on new architecture i.e API management so that it supports wide range of API methods like Read Order, Update customers, Update Items, Update Transact, Get Queue and Update Order Status.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DBSync connect to PocketAdvantage?

DBSync connects to PocketAdvantage through connector called PocketAdvantage connector which has inbuilt API methods that opens a connection to the PocketAdvantage application for data retrieval.

What comes in the default Connector?

Customer, Item, Vendor, Sales Reps, Invoice and Order

When do we need this additional Integration coding?

DBSync has a standard Template built in for the clients of PocketAdvantage, if the scope of work involves other than standard data flow supported by the template than addition integration should be written

How does DBSync connect to PocketAdvantage?

DBSync connects to PocketAdvantage through API calls, either web method or API methods should be exposed for other applications to consume it. The API’s translate calls to FTP or other calls as required by PocketAdvantage specifications.

What are the prerequisites for software required for DBSync integration with PocketAdvantage?

The valid account with PocketAdvantage. For most on-premise accounting applications there might be a need of on-premise DBSync instance. Please check with our support team for more details.

Pre-built Solutions