Today’s organizations need an easy-to- use, powerful solution to integrate members’ data across systems and be able to access it at any given time, becoming more agile and responsive to its members and changes in the community. With over 4 thousand Chabad centers around the globe, DBSync steps in a new niche and puts its top-notch integration technology to the service of the Chabad community. The DBSync Chabad connector helps the Chabad communities integrate multiple systems like QuickBooks.


With this offering aimed to service the thousands of not-for-profit Chabad centers around the world, DBSync strives to integrate disconnected processes providing organizations with a number of benefits:

  • Eliminate dual entry of data, saving time and minimizing data entry errors by pushing data changes between ChabadOne CRM and accounting systems
  • Give stakeholders access to vital financial information within the CRM system, so they can provide a higher level of service and engagement to members and affiliates
  • Reduce the workload on the shluchim and their staff, enabling them to inspire more people, manage payments, donations, etc., with a controlled access to accounting functions
  • Streamline the processes and improve workflow to enable a non-profit organization to become more agile and responsive to its members and changes in the community.

Customer Quote

Thanks to DBSync, our ChabadOne CRM and QuickBooks can send data back and forth unhindered, manual data entry becomes a thing of the past. That means the hours that the Chabad Emissary (shaliach) used to spend doing it are suddenly available for better things.

Rabbi Kushi Schustermandirector at Harford Chabad

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Salesforce do you support?

This adapter supports almost all major versions of Salesforce, such as Unlimited, Professional, Enterprise and Non-Profit editions.

What versions of QuickBooks Desktop do you support?

  • QuickBooks 2008 and later US versions
  • QuickBooks 2008 UK and Canada and later versions

What transaction types can we generate in QuickBooks Desktop from Salesforce?

You can generate the following transactions in QuickBooks from Salesforce: Invoice, Sales Order, Sales Receipt, Estimate, and Credit Memo. Besides, by using customization you can generate Purchase Order and Timesheet transactions as well.

What are the transaction types can we generate in QuickBooks Desktop from Salesforce?

AR and AP transactions can be generated in QuickBooks from ChabadOne CRM. Sales Receipts are part of a standard integration template.

How frequent the sync takes place? Is this process automated?

The sync can happen every 5-10 minutes. This can be scheduled and configured in your QuickBooks WebConnector. And yes, the synchronisation can be a completely automated process.

Can DBSync support Product Hierachy?

Yes, DBSync supports product hierarchy within salesforce.com as it is supported in QuickBooks.

Can we install DBSync on our Sandbox and later switch to our production instance?

You definitely have the ability to do that.

Do you charge for the installation process?

No, the installation is completely free.

Can DBSync be customized and can it integrate Custom Object and Custom Fields?

Absolutely, DBSync is a completely flexible solution which can be customized for unique business processes.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the version of DBSync after the trial period is complete?

Yes, we're happy to provide only the product that meets your business needs. And you always have the flexibility to upgrade your license to support your business growth.

Do you provide trial option?

Definitely, 14-day free trial is available after completing the registration process

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