Sage is an innovative solution provider for small and midsize business delivering a wide range of easy-to-use business management software and services. The service it offers encompasses accounting and payroll, ERP, CRM and other payment modules. It helps to make objective business decisions which eventually are drawn from various data sources like social, mobile and other real-time technologies. DBSync offers a complete on demand integration between Sage accounting and CRM softwares and helps you to stay close to the customers.


  • Seamless Integration
    Our Sage integration adapter offers seamless data integration with CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other databases and keeps you updated about the business processes.
  • Effective Sales and Order Management
    For Wine Distribution, an order management system is required to capture orders in its sleek and easy to use mobile app and pushes it to its cloud. With DBSync we can now pull all the order from its cloud and push it to Sage and integrate inventory levels, customers and mode – thereby increasing Sales visibility across the system.
  • Sage on-premise Replication
    With the growth of Cloud BI, business can now get more visibility across systems without a huge BI investment. Now we can push Sage data to a Cloud BI infrastructure to get better reporting and analysis, across one or more apps.
  • Streamlining Payroll Process
    Integrate time and expense with HR apps to your accounting system in order to streamline payroll and others financial processes. It is essential for all businesses since it is a arduous process which should be done on the same cycle of that payroll


  • Integration Solution
    Our DBSync adapter for Sage supports integration with a wide range of data structures including Databases, Salesforce and CRM adapters.
  • Database Integration
    Supported database integrations are JDBC and ODBC compliant databases like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, mySQL, PostgreSQL and more.
  • Highly Customizable
    It’s highly customizable feature with enhanced industry-specific solutions makes Quicker order processing and improved customer service possible.
  • Bi-Directional Sync
    Our Sage Adapter supports bi-directional synchronization between other CRMs, Salesforce and databases.

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