This process provides you the integration solution for Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains). Data Integration from Great Plains to Saleforce is performed by DBSync using this process.

  • Salesforce Account to Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer.
  • Salesforce Opportunity to Microsoft Dynamics GP Receivable Transactions(sales/Invoices, Services/Repairs, CreditMemo).
  • Salesforce opportunity Line Item to Microsoft Dynamics GP SOP Transactions(Quote/Order/Invoice).
  • Salesforce Product/PriceBook to Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Inventory / Services / Discontinued / Kit / Flat Fee / Disc Charges
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer to Salesforce Account,Contacts.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP SalesInventory, Services, Flat Fee, Discontinues, Kit, Misc Charges to Salesforce Products
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Receivable Transaction(Without Line Item)to Salesforce Opportunity
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP SOP Transactions(with Line Item) to Salesforce Opportunity/Line Item

This process provides a pre-built field map along with flexible advanced custom mapping and configuration capability. This adapter supports almost all major versions of Salesforce like Salesforce Unlimited Edition, Salesforce Professional Edition, Salesforce Enterprise Edition and Salesforce Non-Profit Edition. This Adapter supports versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP from 9.x to 18. DBSync for Great Plains allows you to move data into and out of the Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) accounting application. The Adapter connects directly to your Great Plains instance and enables you to query, add, modify, and delete various types of records including Accounts, Customers, Sales Orders (SOP), Invoices, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Versions of Salesforce DBSync Support?

DBSync supports almost all major versions of Salesforce. Salesforce Unlimited Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, and the Non-Profit Edition.

What Version of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) is supported by DBSync?

All versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP starting from 9.x to 18 are supported by DBSync.

Is this process Bi-Directional?

Yes, and you also have the control to make it uni-directional if you choose.

Is this process available with On-Demand or On-Premise Version?

This adapter is available with On-premise Version of DBSync.

How Frequent can we perform Sync?

Sync can be performed every 5 minutes.

What are the objects in Salesforce I can Sync my Microsoft Dynamics with?

You Can Sync following Objects:

  • Salesforce opportunities to Microsoft Dynamics GP SOP Transactions
  • Salesforce opportunities Won to Microsoft Dynamics GP Order Generated
  • Salesforce opportunities Won to Microsoft Dynamics GP Invoice
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Receivable Transactions to Opportunities.