QuickBooks Adapter enables you to integrate with other adapters and QuickBooks Desktop Version.
You will need individual licenses for single QuickBooks File. If you have more than one QuickBooks file, then you need to purchase one license for each QuickBooks file.
QuickBooks Adapter provides an easy to way to perform integration, data extraction or data loading into QuickBooks desktop.


  • Integrates easily with QuickBooks WebConnector
  • Supports integration with Multiple QuickBooks Files
  • Support for reading and writing data extension
  • Seemless integration with popular databases and CRM applications
  • Quick data migration templates avaliable for CRM application
  • Easily extendable to adapt to your needs
  • Run the integration application in either in on-demand or on-premise model
  • Want to embed our solution, easily embed the integration engine within your application

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of QuickBooks do you support?
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks 2008 and later US,
  • QuickBooks 2008 UK and Canada
Can I get a trial of DBSync?

DBSync is available free for 15 days trial after going through Signup process

Is DBSync bi-directional?

Yes, you also have control to make DBSync uni-directional within the configuration screen if you choose.

Is DBSync a On demand model or On Premise Model?

DBSync can be used as on demand or as an on premise model also.

When is a QuickBooks transactions like Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice,Credit Memo generated?

A transaction in QuickBooks will be created once an Opportunity in Salesforce is marked ‘Closed Won.’ This will happen on the next synchronization

How frequent the synch takes place?

The synch can take place for a minimum of every 5-10 mins. This can be scheduled and configured in your QuickBooks WebConnector.

What transaction types can we generate in QuickBooks from Salesforce
  • Invoices
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Reciepts
  • Credit Memos
  • Estimates

With Customization you can generate Purchase Order, Time sheets.

Can DBSync be customized and can it integrate with Data Extension fields?

Yes, DBSync is a complete flexible solution which can be customized as per to your unique business process.

Can Data Migration be done using DBSync and is there any limitation?

Yes, Data migration can be done using DBSync and there is no limitation.