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Security roles in MS CRM
What is security roles ? Can I create a copy of some roles?
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Security roles are used to control access to records and features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Rather than managing a user's access individually, you will create a security role which describes the sort of access they will have based on their job function. Security roles describe various actions that a user can perform on records for each entity in the system and the access level they have to perform these actions on records, dependent on where the records are in relation to the users themselves.
For example:
Create a copy of the Customer Service Representative security Roles.
1. Click Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
2. Click SETTINGS.
3. In the Nav bar, hover over SETTINGS.
4. Click the right arrow.
5. Click SECURITY.
6. Click Security Roles.
7. Select the Customer Service Representative role.
8. On the Menu bar at the top of the list of Security Roles, click More Actions.
9. Click Copy Role....
10. In the Copy Security Role dialog box, in the New Role Name field, type "Customer Service Representative2".
11. Clear the Open the new security role when copying is complete check box.
12. Click the OK button.

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