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Salesforce users receive error when trying to use QBOE button
I h ave a number of SF users who need to use Dbsync to create invoices from opportunities. I have set up the DBsync login credentials on their user profiles, but when they use the Update Opportunity to QBOE button, they receive a permissions error. If I give them system administration rights, they are able to use Dbsync. But I don't want them to be system administrators, obviously. Do I need to create a permission set for Dbsync? Or is there something else I have missed in the setup?
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Hi Tamsin,

In their user profiles, set the DBSync credentials(DBsync username & password ) along with you need to set the Profile/Project name of Dbsync and URL to be Point and they need not be an admin user.

Below are the list of fileds need to be set with information.

DBSync Id : < DBSync username>
DBSync Passwd : < DBsync pwd >

DBSync Server URL : < https://dbsync01.appmashups.com/qboev3 > or < https://app04.mydbsync.com/DBSync >
Note : this info can be view on address bar when you hit on development studio button from DBsync Home page after logging in.

DBSync Profile : < Profile/Project name of Dbsync > example like : SalesforceQuickBooksOnlineBiDirectional

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Thank you. But we have all this setup and it's still not working. Your lovely tech support people are working on it for me.

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Thank you again. Just to update this, the problem was that the packaged had been installed for administrators only, so our other user profiles did not have access to the fields installed by DBsync. All sorted now with the help of Ullas.

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