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Salesforce to Dynamics GP
Creating the workflows to GP and to SF. I cannot seem to create an Sales Order invoice in Great Plains. I am trying to use the template called OpportunityToSOPTransaction. The SF Query does find my Opportunity in SF, but I get an error about the SO Line Items. The SOQL query has a subquery using an object called OpportunityLineItems, but my Service Cloud does not have this object. All references seem to be to Quickbooks, but that is not being used by my company. I have been successful at creating an invoice in GP using the OpportunityToRMTransactions. I need to get this Invoice back into SF, but the only template to do this is only for Sales Order Invoices.
Great Plains
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Default template for Opportunity to SOP used OpprtunityLineItems in the subquery . If you do not have thos object then customization is required . Please contact your salerep on the same so that he can schedule a meeting with business analyst.

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