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QuickBooks Web Connector Configuration
Hi, Can someonne help me with QuickBooks web connector configuration with DBSync? we have recently upgraded our QuickBooks to the latest version. Thanks, David
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Please refer to the following link to configure the QuickBooks connector in DBSync.

Link: http://help.mydbsync.com/docs/display/dbsync/QuickBooks+Desktop+Connector


Please follow the below steps to configure the QuickBooks connector in DBSync.

Launch the QuickBooks in a Single user mode and as an Admin.

1. Login to DBSync using the link https://app03.mydbsync.com/appcenter/login
2. Click on Development studio.
3. Click edit next to the project name.
4. Click on Connectors tab(Left side of the window).
5. Click on QuickBooks and paste the QuickBooks company file path (To find the QuickBooks file path, launch QuickBooks and press 'F2' key).
6. Download the web connector and save it.
7. Open the downloaded '.QWC' file in the QuickBooks web connector and enter the DBSync password in the Password section.
8. Run the sync.

Hope the above steps helps.

Please reach out to us for any assistance.

Best Regards,
Sridhara Rao

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