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QB error : The web connector is freezing up the system and not allowing our team to change books
The following error is stuck on the admin who is linked to the sync’s main page and has been waiting 15 minutes to be able to close qb. She attempted to close the window as you have instructed but it will not close and the whole file is froze. When we discussed this on Thursday, you had stated the issue would be resolved by us making the changes of moving the date up and moving the amount of time to sync from 2 minutes to longer if we were going to sync large amount of data. How do we resolve the issue? As I stated before, we cannot have it constantly freezing up and having to complete a hard shut down and corrupting the file.
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Looks like you may have 1 or more QB files and when your switching the company file, please make sure that there is no sync in progress on web connector.
Also if you set the sync to run automatically for every 5or 10 mins to run, then please set it to every 20 mins or more as we and Intuit recommended for the same.
Because that also may freez your web connector and QB application if you set your time interval to run every 5 or 10 mins..


Total votes: 180