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PDF document - MS CRM
I have requirement like, User will click on button on the crm record, then system should be able to generate pdf document along with related entities data?
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MSCRM uses Microsoft reports for its reporting.
You can export such reports to pdf, it's a bit of a nuisance for the user though, unless you do some work.
But the "standard" Microsoft reports approach would be the thing I would use by preference.
If those reports are not the right format for you then I would consider whether formatting a report to look exactly like the screen really adds much value.
You can spend a lot of time on formatting reports and users often don't really care.
Sub grids are rather a complication because you (obviously) can't click a button to open up a new tab on a report and you can only fit so much.
I would caution against trying to put too much in a single report.

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