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Orders should only sync classref field(campaign names) from CRM to QB for the associated records present in QB and skip others
At present orders sync works fine from CRM to QB but we need additional feature where we need classref field in line items(QB) to sync campaign field from orders header(MSCRM) and skip the field name if the classref field associated with campaign names is not present in QB.
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We need to create two workflows in DBSync where

1-First workflow(Standard workflow) will sync orders along with campaign names to QB classref fields. If the classref fields are not present then QBerror field is going to update with an error-The classref field is not present and generate field as Order not updated.

2-Second workflow condition is given such that if Generate=order not updated and QBerror contains-Classref field is not present then the workflow is going to trigger and going to update the orders except classref field.

Then the sync works for both the conditions successfully

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