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MSCRM Configuration setup
What should be done to configure Our MSCRM Org with Quickbooks using DBSync?
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Given below are the steps that needs to be done to configure MSCRM with QuickBooks.

>import DBSync package into MSCRM.
MSCRM>>Settings>>Solutions>>Import, and then browse your desktop and upload the zip file. You can download the package from the link given in our website.
>Register for free trial in DBSync
>Add MSCRMQuickBooksBiDirectional Profile from the Process Template library in DBSync.
>Go to Home>>Launch>>Edit, besides the MSCRMQuickBooksBiDirectional profile
>Configure both the Adapters.
>Click on the PDL on the left side and enable the states according to your requirement.
>We are ready to go.

Please do refer the below link to know more.

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