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How can I create calculated fields in MSCRM?
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If you need to display calculated fields on a form, for example, we may have a few fields and we want to also have the total on the form. CRM gives us a Field Type option we can use to calculate fields. This field type option is called Calculated Field.
Let’s take a hypothetical example, where we have a few fields and we need to display the calculated total. So we have the actual item cost, the assemble cost and optional accessory cost. We want to have a field for the total cost of the assembled item.
The process is outlined below:
1. Lets go ahead and create the three fields.
• Item Cost
• Assembly Cost
• Optional Accessory
2. Next, lets add the Calculated Field. Make sure you set the Field Type as “Calculated”.

3. Now, we need to add the calculation logic. Click on the “Edit” button.
4. This brings up the calculation business rule:
• Enter the condition, here we are just entering one condition to check if the Item Cost is greater than 0 or not.
• Enter the calculation logic. Select the field and then type in the operation, “+” in our case and then select the next field.
5. Once the Calculation has been setup, save the business rule, the field and add the field to the Form. Publish the customization.
6. In CRM, open the form and enter the value for Item Cost, Assembly Cost and Optional Accessory.
7. Then save the form. On Reload, the value of the Total Cost will be displayed.

Calculated fields are also closely related to Roll-up fields. These allow you to calculate across child records.

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