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Error while Updating Quickbooks Invoice/Payment
We Had a DBSync Process that reads Invoices from Salesforce and writes to Quickbooks (Update) in our DBSync Development studio. We are noticing that any of the modifications done on the invoice records are not getting reflected into Quickbooks, We noticed from the logs that the following error is thrown during the process. <BatchItemResponse bId="1"> <Fault type="ValidationFault"> <Error code="5010" element=""> <Message>Stale Object Error</Message> <Detail>Stale Object Error : You and Indran Sasidharan were working on this at the same time. Indran Sasidharan finished before you did, so your work was not saved.</Detail> </Error> </Fault> </BatchItemResponse>
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You and other user logged into your account at the same time and tried to modify from both side.Please refer the below link for further information.


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