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Do's and Dont's while using DBSync
What are the dos and don’ts while using DBSync to prevent issues with the sync?
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>Salesforce Password should be updated in DBSync as soon as it is
reset in Salesforce to prevent sync downtime. For more help visit,

>If the company file of QuickBooks location is changed, new location should be updated in DBSync and the QuickBooks web connector should be re configured. For more help visit,

>If the QuickBooks is updated to the latest version, Back up of the QuickBooks company file should be taken before the upgrade and once the upgrade is done, upload the backup company file into the upgraded QuickBooks. Uploading data via excel sheets into QuickBooks leads to creation of new ids in QuickBooks and then the
Id present in Salesforce and QuickBooks might differ and duplicates might create in Salesforce.

>Required information should be provided while creating records in Salesforce as Quickbooks has a lot of validations while creating records.For instance, while creating an Invoice from Opportunity, Account should be mentioned which will refer to the Customer, Products should be added as it goes as line items which is also required.

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