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Different ways of running replication
Are there any other ways of running replication other than using UI ?
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There are two ways of running replication
1.Through UI
After installing dbsync replication on your system you can launch the UI using two ways-
i.By clicking on, All programs>>DBSync Cloud Replication>>Admin
ii.Through the url, http://localhost:8080/dbsync/ using the browser
For more information please refer the below link:

2.Through Batch mode
Traverse the path of installation (Provided in <<...>>)
For Ex: <<C:\DBSyncCReplSF4>>\scripts , and then right click on setenv.bat file and edit, in this file set SYNCH_HOME=<<C:\DBSyncCReplSF4>>

Then you can execute replication in four modes, refer the below link for further information:

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