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DBsync Model
Is DBSync an On demand model or On Premise Model?
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DBSync can be used as on demand or as an on premise model.

With On Demand model, You will be using our cloud server hosted on Amazon which has the world class security and also we will not be saving any of your data anywhere in the server with Minimal downtime of 2%.

With On Premise, we will be installing DBSync tomcat server on your stand alone system and will be setting it as a service and the Machine will act as a server.

Minimum Software & Hardware Requirement-
• Java JDK 1.7
• 1 GB Free RAM
• 1 GHz or better CPU
• Installation size: 150 MB free space
• Map/Process store: 5MB/map
• Operational: 1GB (Log files, Event Queues etc)

Please do refer the below links to know more on how to install and configure DBSync On the Premise.

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