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Database Configuration setup
How to Configure Our Database with our Intacct Company file?
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Kindly follow the below steps on how to configure your DBSync with Intacct.

>Register for free trial in DBSync.
>Choose Database as Source and Intacct as Target, choose a DBSync version, and in the next step fill in your Details. Kindly refrain from using Special characters such as hyphens, Single/double quotes in the Phone and Company Name field.
>Click on Create my account and you will receive an email Confirmation from our server.
>Click on the link provided in that email, it will take you to the DBSync login Page. Kindly bookmark it.
>Email address provided while registering will be your user id. Use it along with your password you provided and sign in to your Account.
>Click on Launch. It will take you to the Profile/Project Page Layout.
>Click on edit besides the newly created Profile/Project. This will take you to the next step.
>Add Database and Intacct Adapters to the Profile and enter the credentials accordingly.
>Create a PDL. Create a state inside the PDL(Process Definition Language) and insert it into the flowchart.
>Right click on the created state and click on Open dataflow.
>Create a reader ,writer and map, connect it in respect of the order.
>Provide a query in the reader and set the writer according to your requirement.
>Provide the mapping by clicking on edit inside Map section. Source and Target fields will be provided in boxes on the right side.

Please refer the below links to Know more.

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