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How to schedule a sync using DBSync scheduler
How to set scheduler for QuickBooks Online to SalesForce integration?
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1.Login to www.mydbsync.com
2.After logging in click on the launch button.It takes you to the Project page.
3.In the project page open the particular project.
4.Once you open the project on the left hand side click on scheduler.
5.After that in the process drop down list select the required the Process for which you want to set the scheduler.
6.Give the date and time in the start on field.Start on option will set the scheduler to work on once it meets the date and time which you have provided.
7.From the repeat drop down list select the Minutes/Hours/Weekly/Customize.
Based on the option you have selected from the Repeat drop down set the value and save it.
8.Repeat the above steps for the other process.

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