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URL No Longer Exists - SalesForce.com
When I click on “Update Account To QBOE” button present on the Opportunity page of SalesForce it shows the below given message, URL No Longer Exists You have attempted to reach a URL that no longer exists on salesforce.com. You may have reached this page after clicking on a direct link into the application. This direct link might be: • A bookmark to a particular page, such as a report or view • A link to a particular page in the Custom Links section of your Home Tab, or a Custom Link • A link to a particular page in your email templates If you reached this page through a bookmark, you are probably trying to access something that has moved. Please update your bookmark. If you reached this page through any of the other direct links listed above, please notify your administrator to update the link. If you reached this page through a link on our site, please report the broken link directly to our Support Team and we will fix it promptly. Please indicate the page you were on when you clicked the link as well as any other related information. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you again for your patience and assistance. And thanks for using salesforce.com! Help me?!
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This would happen when there are any errors in user page layout. Go to user page layout and check for the below given values:
Where DBSync ID is your DBSync user ID
DBSync Password is your DBSync Account Password
DBSync Profile is the name of the DBSync Project name
DBSync Server URL in this place provide the below link

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