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Big Data and Search

We exist in a digital world today. Digitization is the new norm of the present which causes an explosion of the quantity of unstructured and structured data formed, shared and stored simultaneously. The generated data is contributed through not just digital media, transactions, and business domains but also via individuals. For example, people share 30

DBSync looks back at 2013

DBSync was founded in 2009 and since then DBSync has positioned itself as a visionary in the cloud CRM integration space with innovations and thought leadership. In 2013 DBSync clearly stood out as a thought leader with capability and feature enhancements which are indicators of forward thinking in the cloud computing ecosystem.

The Big Data phenomenon will be answered by an integrator

Collection and management of big data is about having a mechanism to handle high variety and large volume of data, as well as handling data at high velocity. Organizations are already taking advantage of data from variety of sources, including social sites, third party systems, global partners, Web tools such as Google Analytics, ERP systems