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Integrating on-demand and on-premise applications

Integrating Data in Healthcare: What do we need to know?

The medical industry heavily relies on data integration to improve established healthcare models. Additionally, data integration strategies in pharma are being leveraged across all levels of the value chain, from invention to manufacturing to commercialization.  Only 56% of healthcare units are able to utilize all of their data streams effectively. This means that nearly half

Driving Order to Cash Success with Automation

Order to Cash Definition As you might know, ‘Order to Cash’ (OTC) is a common and important Financial as well as  Sales&Distribution integration scenario; In this blog post, I will walk through the simple ‘Order to Cash’ steps. The generic term thus encompasses many different sub-processes. These include the receipt of the customer order,

Automation in HR Process

Human Resource system Human Resources (HR) is a critical strategic function in a modern-day enterprise that is regularly evolving and adapting to the corporate world’s ever-changing landscape. With evolution comes new HR processes that can be long, tedious, and time-consuming in the initial stages of framing them. In their current form, all HR processes