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Microsoft Dynamics GP vs NAV: An Analysis

Real-time core business process is a mandatory entity for a small and midsize business. As the year 2016 looks promising for many technology-based SMBs, there is predictably an increased demand for effective tracking of inventory, production capacity and cash flow etc. This can be achieved by ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) which gives the comprehensive view of

SOX and FINRA Requirements Around Cloud Data

It is evident that browsers are gaining the importance of Operating Systems and Cloud is replacing every data storage utilities like Google Drive, Hard Disks etc. But this advancement was not enough to make the confidential data secure. Few professions which involve Accountants, Lawyers and Bankers demand sensitive information exchange, if not which will make

Finding What to Sell Next to your Customer

You need what marketers and data miners call – Market Basket Analysis. My last blog described finding similar looking customers from a Cluster segmentation. This blog will provide a introduction to Market Basket Analysis. Why care about DBSync talk about this concept. We believe that centralizing data from CRM, Social & Accounting can provide data