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Error with QB Enterprise 2016 and Web Connector setup
Installing the web connector inside QB Enterprise 2016, and I keep getting an error qbwc1048 about verifying the certificate. I am wondering if there is a known issue or has Intuit added new requirements to the QWC file for security? I found some indication that might be the issue, so I created a copy of the file with the <CertURL> tag but still got the same error 1048. Anyone else see this problem? Thanks!
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Looks like you have installed qb webconnector for very recent version of quickbooks . Recommendation is to downgrade the qb webconnector

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I was able to get the web connector component installed, and it is trying to sync my data. I get past the authentication phase, but no data actually gets passed in either direction. Should I attach my log file here or is there a better way to get the info to someone who can interpret it for me?


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Scott, Hope our support rep was able to help you with the trial installation.

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Yes, support got us started. Thanks for the follow-up!

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